It’s 2050,
the ones who were young in 2016 are now elderly. Some of them were called hipsters, a subculture of men and women that valued independent thinking, counterculture and progressive politics. They were and want to keep being self-aware individuals, concerned with their choices, health and environment. 
Besides these concerns, they need to face now contemporary issues (lack of water, extreme obesity, new diseases related to internet usage, etc) and also the ones related to their age (dementia, depression, etc)
The good news is that people can deal better with such issues and live longer and healthier if they practice some kind of physical activity regularly. 
The easiest and most natural physical activity is to walk and with the help of the H-cane they can do it better. It was designed to be a prosthesis when it is needed, but more importantly to be a tool to improve their daily walks. With it, they can keep track about their heart rate and distance walked and send this data to other devices while having also a tool to improve their body balance, posture, breathing and strength. It is a product developed to last, with carefully chosen materials and solutions that give the user a great experience without forgetting the environmental impact, future upgradability and ease of repair.

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